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Relearning to take care of myself

You know what I learned these past two years? When you're abused for a long time and I mean abused in any way, whether it be bullying like me, being in a toxic relationship, being abused by your parents or... Continue Reading →


What to do with all the hurt?

A few years ago I felt broken and alone and hid all that hurt from the entire world. Then I though that it was okay, I could share. Nobody would ever judge me because of the things that happened to... Continue Reading →

Memories of the Long Gone

"Goodbye", he said and never came back. "Goodbye", he said but never really left. In my memories he was always there. Never budged, never left, never really went away.  Every morning I would think that he had finally gone away... Continue Reading →


Imagination can be such a positive thing. It makes us creative, it makes us succeed in science, it makes us wonder and dream and strive for better, a better world, a better society, a better self. Imagination is what made... Continue Reading →

Guilty Pleasures 

Guilty pleasures are an absurd thing. Why should anything that makes us happy, even just for a little while make us feel ashamed? Why should we feel guilty about liking something just because society deems it ridiculous or trashy? Many... Continue Reading →

Results Days

Hey guys,  So I just recently got my IB results and I'm very satisfied with how it turned out. And while I was lucky enough to get my results relatively early (although the wait still killed me), I know that... Continue Reading →

Wonder Woman: A Good Movie?

Hey guys, So I just watched WonderWoman in the cinema and I feel like I have a rather controversial opinion about the film.  While I completely understand that it is great, revolutionary and really overdue that we get a female-led... Continue Reading →

To Binge-watch or not to binge-watch?

Hey guys, so since I am on my summer break now I've been watching a lot of TV series. And I mean a lot. And so as I've had to catch up on a lot of shows or I've been... Continue Reading →

Life: The reason I’ve been gone

Hey guys, so I've been gone for a while and I don't necessarily feel like I owe anyone an explanation but I will give one anyways. For my own as much as for your benefit. So almost two weeks ago... Continue Reading →

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