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Going on a Year Abroad in High School – Pros and Cons

Check out my post on all the pros and cons about going on a high school year abroad! Definitely worth it if you are thinking about one right now. Going on a Year Abroad in High School - Pros and... Continue Reading →


Winter break and Exeter

So I thought I'd try something new today. It's photos like I've posted many times before, but this time, they are not edited and not really as carefully picked as they usually are. Let me know what you think of... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, so here are just some pictures I took in Copenhagen when I was there with my brother this summer (I totally forgot to post these pictures then, my bad...) There all pretty basic, but yeah. -B.

Going Home

Going home. Going home for me is a difficult thing. Obviously I look forward to seeing my family, to spending Christmas with them, to having the security that comes with all that. I look forward to being in my own... Continue Reading →

Spring Break #4 (London)

Spring Break #3 (Nottingham)

Spring Break #2 (Stratford)

Spring Break #1 (Bath)

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