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Winter break and Exeter

So I thought I'd try something new today. It's photos like I've posted many times before, but this time, they are not edited and not really as carefully picked as they usually are. Let me know what you think of... Continue Reading →

Being There

Hey guys, It's no secret that I am no relationship expert, far from it actually... But there is one thing I know: It's easy to love someone when they are doing well, are happy, are healthy, are done up and... Continue Reading →

Say it

People always say that if you love someone, you should tell them before it is too late. And yes, that is true, always tell people how you feel about them, because otherwise you might regret it. But also, don't say... Continue Reading →


For a lot of people family is simply defined as the people they are biologically related to. For some, that family extents to distant cousins, for some this only reaches as far as their grandparents. But for me, simply being... Continue Reading →

Ways To Relax

Hey guys, So I know it can be really hard to relax sometimes when you are very stressed, so I thought I'd share some of the ways in which I like to relax with you: Read a good book Take... Continue Reading →

What I miss about home

Hey guys,  so as you might or might not already know, I do not live in the country I am from and where the rest of my biological family lives for most of the year, as I study abroad. When... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, so here are just some pictures I took in Copenhagen when I was there with my brother this summer (I totally forgot to post these pictures then, my bad...) There all pretty basic, but yeah. -B.


Hey guys, so I thought I'd give you a little life update today (in case you are interested). And I thought I'd talk about what I am planning to do for university like where I want to study, what I... Continue Reading →

Why Am I Vegetarian?

Hey guys, so lately a lot of people have asked me why I am Vegetarian, so I thought I'd do a post about it and sort of explain it here, because a lot of people seem to be interested in... Continue Reading →

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