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April Book Haul 2015

hey guys,So I decided that I'd start making BookHauls, Monthly Recaps, TBRs and also Book of the Months. I hope you'll enjoy them!!! So here's my April Book Haul:  These are all the books I bought in April, all from Amazon. There's... Continue Reading →


Book Review: “The Duff”

Hey guys, Ok so I started "The DUFF" by Kody Keplinger last night and I finished it this afternoon. So obviously I really liked it and I kind of want to talk about it, so I just figured that I... Continue Reading →

Book Review: “The Infernal Devices” trilogy 

Hey guys,So sorry about the ultra long delay of this, but as I said, I'm sick and that's why I'm not uploading as much as I would otherwise. But the good news is that I already have my next two... Continue Reading →

Book Recommendation “The Testing”

Hey guys,So first of all: I am really sorry that I didn't upload the review when I said I would but I wasn't feeling very well yesterday. I'm going to review The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare. I hope... Continue Reading →

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