Hey guys,

So I’ve been reading Six of Crows, so naturally, I started thinking about morally gray characters and why everyone (including me) seems to love them so much. And I came up with a few theories:

Is it that these characters challenge us? That they make us think about what is evil, what is good, what can be forgiven and what cannot? And that rather than a book or movie telling us exactly who these characters are and whether we are supposed to love them or hate them, we actually have to make the decision ourselves and have to decide whether we can like someone, even if it is a fictional character, despite their rather immoral actions. 

Or is it that these characters are simply more realistic? As in real life things are very rarely fully black or white, good or evil. But everything is, well gray. Everyone has there good and bad sides, their good characteristics and bad ones, their advantages and faults. So is it that characters like these just seem more realistic to us and that is why we seem to love them so much?

Or is it that we simply love a good bad boy? That we cannot get over the sex appeal and are inevitable drawn to sexually charged danger, usually packaged in the form of a beautiful human being or fantastical creature?

I personally think it’s a mixture of all of these or maybe it’s something else entirely, but what’s for sure: I simply cannot resist the Kaz Brekkers and Damon Salvatores of the fictional world. How do you feel about morally gray characters? Who are your favourites? Why do you think you like them?