Imagination can be such a positive thing. It makes us creative, it makes us succeed in science, it makes us wonder and dream and strive for better, a better world, a better society, a better self. Imagination is what made me think of writing this post, or write anything for that matter, it makes me think of new projects, it makes me creative. But it’s also what helps me understand science as without imagination those concepts would not have been created and could not be understood. Imagination is everywhere and everything. Without it nothing would get done, nobody would set goals or strive for a better future as they could not think of what it would be like. 

On the other hand, imagination is also what makes us worry and overthink and fear. We imagine what could go wrong, what could happen, what if. We often imagine worst-case scenarios and so worry about something that, while very unlikely to happen, is still imaginable and so seems very possible. 

For what is unimaginable for us, often seems impossible or unreal. People with a vast imagination so might worry more, but they are also more open to new ideas, new concepts and are more likely to grasp abstract concepts, have goals for their own future and can imagine what a better world would look like. 

Imagination can be beautiful but can also be the reason why we worry.