Guilty pleasures are an absurd thing. Why should anything that makes us happy, even just for a little while make us feel ashamed? Why should we feel guilty about liking something just because society deems it ridiculous or trashy?

Many people like to watch reality shows, read trashy magazines or watch bad romcoms and that is not something we should be apologising for. Nothing we like, nothing that can distract us from the never-ending struggles of life for a little while and lift a weight off of our shoulders should make us feel ashamed to like it. 

Whether people think that you are of the wrong social class, the wrong gender, wrong age or wrong sexuality to like to consume a certain form of media or to like to do something shouldn’t matter to you. Don’t be ashamed to like Keeping Up with the Kardashians or Say Yes to the Dress or whatever it is that relaxes you. Own it. Because there is no reason to be. Society is making you feel like it’s wrong to like these shows but many people do, otherwise they wouldn’t be made. And if we all just own it, nobody will have to have guilty pleasures anymore, but siplay pleasures. Because the thing is: we are society, society is us. So if anyone can change it, we can. Go out there and own it. Watch those showsand movies, read those magazines and books, do whatever makes you happy.