Hey guys, 

So I just recently got my IB results and I’m very satisfied with how it turned out. And while I was lucky enough to get my results relatively early (although the wait still killed me), I know that many of you probably aren’t that lucky. So if you didn’t do the IB and got your results on the 6th of June like me, let me just tell you what results day was like for me to hopefully help you a bit out as well:

So for me, it was horrible. I was so anxious the whole day (I got my results around 4pm), I was snappy to the people around me and freaked out completely like three times. So what I tried to do was to distract myself as much as possible. Do what you like doing that might calm you down or just stop you obsessing about it too much. So go read, watch a movie or YouTube, exercise, whatever helps you. 

I also told my mum to take the day off of work as I would have been alone all day otherwise and it really helped, so try to get someone to spend the day with you as having someone there to celebrate or cry with you afterwards is really important. They can also keep you from freaking out too much beforehand so that’s always good…

And then you get your results and at least for me, it still doesn’t seem real. Maybe it’s because I only saw them on a computer screen and that was that, I don’t know but it’s just surreal that it’s all over now. 

What I did then was talk to all my friends, ask them about their results, celebrate with those who were happy with them and comfort those who weren’t. And I was so sad that I couldn’t be with them as  they were all in other countries. So be with your friends if you can, even if it’s just because I couldn’t be. 

That’s all. Good luck and don’t worry too much! And if you’ve already gotten your results, I hope they were what you wanted and if they weren’t, don’t worry. I’m sure it will all work out in the end!