Hey guys,

so since I am on my summer break now I’ve been watching a lot of TV series. And I mean a lot. And so as I’ve had to catch up on a lot of shows or I’ve been watching older shows, binge-watching is often how I went about it. On the other hand, other shows, I’ve been watching slowly, one episode per week as they are released. And so I was wondering: what is better? Binge-watching or watching week by week?

In my opinion, binge-watching gives you the unique ability to watch a show as a whole. Most likely, when you watch an episode, you are going to remember what exactly happened in the previous one since you were probably just watching it about half an hour ago. And that’s great. You are more immersed in the story, you are able to keep up and obviously, if you have nothing else to do like me right now, it occupies a lot of your day.

On the other hand though, when binge-watching, you are probably not paying a s much attention and chances are, you won’t remember as much of each episode as you would when watching week by week (especially when you are watching like the 10th episode of the day…). This could especially be a problem when you are binge-watching one season and then have to wait for the next one to be released as you might find it difficult to remember some details. And, obviously, you don’t get to enjoy the series for as long a period of time if you binge-watch.

So for me, I do both. Mostly, when I am busy, I like to watch new shows week by week. But I always binge-watch shows as well. I honestly don’t know what I prefer. I guess it’s mostly a question of time for me. What about you? Do you prefer to binge-watch or to watch episodes as they are released? And what are some of your favourite TV series?

I hope you enjoyed this random kind of think piece. Let me know.