If one is faced too early in life with the sheer inevitability of death, that one dooming end that at one point we’ll all have to face, that is one thing that is hard to forget. Sure we get distracted by the sheer endless list of important seeming distractions like school, work, money but in the back of our heads, there will always be this one little voice:
“What are you doing? What have you accomplished? If you died tomorrow what would people remember you for?”
And then this other voice answers, at first just above a whisper, but as that one little word echoes over and over again in our minds, it crescendoes until it shouts:
“Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.”
And then we think: What have we been doing with our lives? What have we accomplished? If we dies tomorrow what would people remember us for?
So we stop doing what we’re doing, we stop living our lives because there is always that one stupid fear: What if this is not good enough? What if I am not perfect? What if I fail?

So we do nothing, for we think that to do nothing at all, to not be remembered at all is better than to be remembered for trying and failing or for the impact we could have had if there was just that little bit more time.