Hey guys,

It’s no secret that I am no relationship expert, far from it actually… But there is one thing I know:

It’s easy to love someone when they are doing well, are happy, are healthy, are done up and have been waiting to see you all day. It’s harder to love someone when they are sick, when they are sad or angry or tired, when you notice their bad habits and the things they just do differently from you that are slowly driving you a little insane.

But also, I know that real love, whether it’s friendship or family or romance, doesn’t just stop when it gets a little harder. I know that I am there for the people I love when they are not doing well and the people who love me, really love me, are there for me when I need them.

So no, I don’t expect a new boyfriend or friend to be there for me when I am sick. But if we have known each other for years and are supposed to be there for each other all the God damn time and I know I would be there for the other person just as much, then yes, I expect them to be there for me when it’s not all pretty and rosy.

And to the girl who told me that real guys in relationships are not there like that for their girlfriends: Yes, I still think you are with the wrong people. I still think you are making a mistake by making this part of your relationship become so one-sided.