People always say that if you love someone, you should tell them before it is too late. And yes, that is true, always tell people how you feel about them, because otherwise you might regret it.
But also, don’t say anything you don’t mean or that could hurt someone else. Don’t just say something because you are afraid you are never going to get to do it again, only say it if it’s really true, if it’s really necessary for them to know.

Because if they don’t need to know, if all it is going to do is hurt them because nothing can be done about it anyways, if the only reason you are telling them is because you need to get it off your chest, if the reason for you telling them is purely selfish, then don’t do it. Don’t tell them just because, tell them because it makes sense, because it is going to make you feel better, it is going to make them feel better and it might actually lead somewhere.
So yes, tell people how you feel, do that thing you have always been too afraid to do, but don’t do it just for yourself with complete disregard of others. Think before you speak. Don’t hurt someone you say you love to make your life a little easier.