For a lot of people family is simply defined as the people they are biologically related to. For some, that family extents to distant cousins, for some this only reaches as far as their grandparents. But for me, simply being related to people by blood doesn’t necessarily make them my family.
For me, family means being there for one another when it’s necessary and when you just want to hang out with someone. It means checking in with one another more often than just when the holidays roll around and it means being of different opinions, but still trying to work things out.
And so, yes, there are people I consider my family who are related to me like my parents and my siblings, because they are there for me when I need them as I am there for them when they do. But there are also people in my biological family that I do not consider family because they have not earned the right to be called just that and there are people who are not related to me who I consider family. I would do anything for these people and knowing that they would do the same for me, makes them family to me.
I don’t think family should be restricted by relations, it’s okay if it is for you, but for me, my family would lack a whole lot of amazing people if it did.