He broke the kiss, reluctantly, yet firmly. Panting, he held me at a distance, looked me straight into my eyes and asked: “So what are we?…What is this?” He was pointing between us.

I considered that for a while. To be honest, I did not know myself. I knew that there was something more between us, but really, he was also my best friend.

“Friends. I hope we can be friends.”, I finally said and I could see the utter disappointed on his face.

“That’s okay. If that’s what you want.”, he answered nonetheless.

“You didn’t let me finish. I hope we can be friends until we figure out what this is. Let’s just see where this leads, I guess.”

At that, his smile grew bigger with every word I uttered and once I finished, he crashed his mouth onto mine. This time, it wasn’t frantic or desperate like the few times before, it was amazing, slow, knowing that there would be much more to come and much more time.

When we finally broke apart again, our foreheads leaning against each other, my hands wrapped around him, his still in my hair, he smiled and whispered: “You know this is not really being friends, right?”

I chuckled: “I know. But really, just because we are… something more now, doesn’t mean we stop being friends, or at least it shouldn’t.”