Hey guys, 

so as you might or might not already know, I do not live in the country I am from and where the rest of my biological family lives for most of the year, as I study abroad. When I am writing this, as this post is going to be prescheduled, I am about to fly home for Christmas in a few days and when you will see this, I will have just arrived home, so this topic is obviously on my mind.

So I thought I’d make a post about what I miss about back home (when I say home here, I mean my home country Austria):

  • My family, obviously.
  • My house. I think this will get better once I actually live in my own home rather than with a host family, but right now I really miss having a space that I can design and that just belongs to me. Also, there is just something about falling asleep while watching TV on your sofa that you can’t get anywhere else…
  • The food. I think that’s something most people will understand I think, especially when it comes to your mum’s cooking.
  • Mountains. Where I live in England, it’s pretty flat, so what I miss about Austria is the alps, going hiking, just having them to look at. You know.
  • Being able to cook for myself/ controlling what I eat. I cannot cook for myself here or really control what I have for dinner most days and I really really miss that, as it can sometimes be a problem for me, especially pschologically. There is just something about being able to control these small things that I need.
  • My books. In my room at home, I have loads of bookshelves with all of my favourites and here, I just miss the feeling of comfort they give me and the endless opportunities of possible reading material I have…
  • Tap water. Okay so this might sound kind of weird, but I really miss the tap water we have at home. In Austria, tap water is really good and I just think that unfiltered water here just tastes like chlorine. I mean I still drink it obviously but it’s not the same. 

There’s obviously a lot more, but those are some things from the top of my head. What do you miss when you’re away from home or what are your experiences living abroad? I’d love to know, so let me know in the comments.

See you soon,