Who am I? What am I? A difficult question to answer. So many possibilities, so little that seem sufficient.
I could answer by simply stating facts about me: I am a blonde, a vegetarian, a teenager.
I could answer by stating my relationships with others: a sister, a daughter, a friend.
I could answer by telling you my culture, my background: an Austrian, an international citizen, a traveller.
I could answer by stating my occupation: a student.
I could answer by telling you who and what I dream to be: a scientist, a researcher, happy and fulfilled.
I could answer on biological terms: an earthling, an animal, a mammal, a human being, a female, the characteristics determined by my DNA, honed by my environment.

And you know what? All of these answers would be valid. All of these answers are true. None of these answers would be sufficient. I am all of these things and so many more. I am some things that I cannot even think of, that maybe nobody knows right now. And maybe tomorrow I will be someone else. Maybe tomorrow some of these characteristics won’t be true anymore or I just won’t want them to define me anymore. Because I am ever changing, we all are. So the only thing I know I’ll always be, is me.