Hey guys,

so I thought I’d give you a little life update today (in case you are interested). And I thought I’d talk about what I am planning to do for university like where I want to study, what I want to study and all that because I’m in my last year of school, so it’s a pretty big topic for me and all my friends.

So to start with: I want to study Genetics. I have always kind of known that I wanted to study a science, but I wasn’t really sure what, until I finally settled on Genetics last year, because I love it and the many applications it has and the difference one could possibly make with discoveries in this field.

And I want to study this subject in the UK. I just think it’s the best fit for me right now and countries like the US, Canada and Australia are just not affordable for me. I applied to my five choices about a week ago, two of which are in Scotland (because that’s cheaper for me as an EU student) and I am currently holding two conditional offers (this probably won’t make any sense to you if you aren’t familiar with the system, but it’s basically an offer from a university saying that if you achieve these grades in your final exams, you are guaranteed a place in our uni). Although, I might have more offers by the time you read this as I am writing this post in two weeks in advance.

I am really happy with the choices I have made so far and especially today as I just got my second offer and it is not from a back up uni like the first one, but one of my absolute top choices.

And now I just have to wait to hear from my other choices (hopefully soon!!!). I’m really anxious still.

So that’s all I had to say, just giving you a little update about all this. Are you applying to uni right now or are thinking about it? I’d be happy to chat to you about it all. Also if you have any questions about the application process or anything, just leave it down below.

Have a great day and good luck if you are also applying to uni or anything else like that,