I look up and smile, go back to my work.
“What’s wrong?”, he says.
“Nothing.” I am not meeting his eyes. I don’t even look up.
“Really? We’ve been over this.” He nudges me to move over, puts his arms around my shoulders and just watches me for a while.
“I’m really okay.”, I say when his stare gets to annoying to ignore it any longer.
“I know you’re okay, you’d  be okay no matter what, but that’s not really the point, you know?”
At that, I finally look up: “What is the point then?”
His expression turns incredulous. He shakes his head, leans closer and whispers into my ear: “For you to be happy of course.”
I smile.
He takes my face into his hands gently and kisses me.
I laugh for the first time this day.
“That’s it.”, he says with that foolish grin of his and I feel truly happy.

Just a little snippet of a story, I wrote spontaneously, while procrastinating…
I’ll continue with the story if anybody wants me to, so please let me know in the comments or by liking this.

Have a good one.