I sit in the minibus on my way back from dunes and moors and seas and lakes and all the wonders of nature that my teachers like to exaggerate.
Beside me, my friend is fast asleep, behind me I hear laughter and screams and all I really feel, for the first time in a long time is that, I am content.
I am content. I look at the past and I see how far I’ve come rather than the pain and misery I had to go through to get where I am.
I look at the future and rather than fear and anxiety, I feel excitement and opportunity.
Then, I get back to the present, to where I am now. My friend is so fast asleep, she looks as if she’s dead. My body is tired and I feel fatigue setting in, but all I can really say is that I’m fine, I’m good, I’m great. Hooray!