Hey guys,

this is kind of like a life update post, but I’m going to concentrate more on my writing progress.

As I’ve mentioned once before on this blog, I recently started my first novel and it’s going pretty well. I am more than 2/3 of the way through now and I’m fairly satisfied.

I do very much struggle with doubting my own writing abilities as I go on. (I pretty much think that all I’m writing is stupid and that I should just delete all of it at least once a day) But I try to ignore that since it’s just my first draft after all.

There are some parts of this book that I’ve definitely struggled with. I am, however, not sure if that’s because of the story/writing or because I’m sick now and have not been feeling great for about the last week or two.

Also, I haven’t written yet today because I’m feeling awful and it’s making me feel very weird and disappointed with myself, although I know that I should just relax.

The part I’m looking forward to writing most is the ending and the epilogue (I love epilogues in books and movies, they are just one of my favourite things) and I know how it is going to end.

And now some weird tidbits:

  • It’s a contemporary YA novel (I just realised that I haven’t said anything about the actual content).
  • It’s narrated in first person with two different POVs and it includes breaking the fourth wall (do you call it that in books as well?)
  • I don’t have a title yet.
  • I didn’t plan on writing a novel when I started, it just kind of happened. I just started writing one day, intending for it to become a blog post or something like that and then the whole story unfolded in my head.
  • I did not plot the whole book previously, but I always knew what was going to happen in my head. I now have several scenes and the ending panned out and I also have chapters I want to add to stuff that I have already written.
  • I have two beta readers (two of my friends) lined up, but I would really like a writing buddy who I could exchange and review work with, so if you are interested, please contact me!!!!
  • I don’t know what I want to do with this story other than that I don’t want it to just lie around without anybody ever reading it. (At the moment I’m considering pretty much everything from traditional publishing, self publishing, publishing it on wattpad or something similar and publishing it on here) If you have any advice or suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Yeah, I think that’s everything. I think I am going to do some more posts about my writing progress and stuff like that later on though, so if you like this kind of stuff, please tell me.

Also, again, if you are interested in being my writing buddy, please tell me! And if you have any advice or anything, also tell me please. And yeah, hope you are having a great time!

Wish me luck with this!