Hey guys,

so this is just another one of those posts where something happened that hurt me or made me angry and I basically tell you about it, in order to make me feel better (a.k.a. why I started writing in the first place):

Everything was good today. It was sunny, my English oral went well, we played Monopoly in Chem class, I had a really good lunch and me and my friends went to the bookstore. So basically, a pretty cool day. But then, something happened:
We were in class, study period, no teacher. And one girl asks if anybody is coming to the African party at our school, that she and some other people from Africa are organizing. And I say that I won’t go. My friend, who is sitting next to me mentions that student council members, like him and me, have to attend the party. I tell him that I would go, but that I physically can’t. This other guy asks why, so I tell him that I can’t go because I had a Meningitis when I was twelve and loud music now makes me kind of sick (I get a headache and get dizzy and can basically only lie in bed for a couple of days). He understands and says that he is sorry, which basically meant that everything would have been fine, did the girl who asked about the party in the first place, not make this comment: “And I thought people in Africa had it bad.”
She said it in a way that made it clear that she was making fun of me and that she thought I was just mentioning this for pity and attention. And that hurt. A lot.

I understand that you might not think her comment was that bad, and maybe it wasn’t, but for me, being sick was horrible, being bullied for it afterwards was maybe even worse and the fact that I’m still missing out on any sort of party, festival or concert because of it, is still very painful and saddening to me. And because a lot of people react the same way as her, I usually don’t tell people about it, unless I am asked directly, as in this occasion. So this kind of comment, hurts me. It makes absolutely no sense to me why anybody would say something like that without even thinking about what it might do to a person.


Okay, that’s all. I hope you don’t mind these kind of rants/stories of what happens in my life too much.

See you next time,