Hey guys,

so as you probably alrady know if you’ve been following me for a while, I like both photography and writing. And I’ve decided to tell you about what exactly it is I like about them. Some things are the same with both and some things are very different.

  • First of all, both Photography and writing are very good creative outlets for me and always leave me refreshed and satisfied.
  • Writing is something I do in the comfort of my own room, when I am alone and can just concentrate on one single thing. It gives me the opportunity to forget everything that’s going on for a little while and is an escape to another world for me.
  • Photography on the other hand, is always very active for me. I’d usually go out with a friend or alone and walk around for a few hours, taking pictures of what I think looks interesting. After, I still have to edit them, so it takes m quite a long time till I reach the finished product. But it’s not quite the same as writing in that I escape from reality, it’s more like distancing myself a little bit by looking through a lense.
  • I don’t really think I’m very good at either Photography or writing, but I’ve learned to accept that and just not care about it anymore. It’s fun and satisfying for me to do, so it doesn’t matter whether I am good at it or not.

I think that’s all my thoughts about this. If you like either one of those things, or both and share some of my opinions, or disagree with them, please let me know in the comments below (that rhyme though).

See you next time,