Hey guys,

so I thought I’d do a little life update for you today, because a lot of stuff has been happening lately:

  • I went to London for a Criminology trip with school and it was so much fun and so interesting, but really exhausting! (we left at 3am on Tuesday and came back at midnight on Wednesday and then we went to school the next day)
  • I had assessment week and I’m pretty satisfied for the most part.
  • My brother and his friend came to visit me and so I hung out with them for a weekend.
  • I started writing a novel and I don’t know if it’s any good or anything, but I’m really liking writing it and I’m about 1/3 through.
  • My blog turned 1 a couple of days ago! I’m so proud for sticking with it and so thankful for you guys reading it and I just can’t believe it! It feels like I just started and like I’ve been doing this all my life at the same time, if that makes sense in any way whatsoever.
  • My shoes broke and I had to buy knew ones today, which is a really complicated process with me and I absolutely hate it.

So I think that’s everything that’s been happening these last two weeks. It’s quite a lot, but I’m handeling it surprisingly well I think. (which basically means, that I am pretty happy and am not as close to a mental breakdown as usual).
So anyways, pictures of some of these things are going to come soon, if I ever have time to edit them. And I’ll update you again soo.

Hope you’re having a good time as well,