Hey guys,

so this is part two of a story I’m writing. (You can find Part 1 here) It’s not anything great, or even a particularly good story, but it’s fun and it gets me out of my head for a while, so here you go:


I was in the bathroom when they finally came in. Kat and Nick. I heard their laughter first before I came out of the bathroom and saw them.
Kat is the sort of girl, where you immediately know that she is an artist and that she is crazy, but in a good way. She dresses in clothes that look amazing on her, but that you would never even dream of wearing. And her hair is, well it’s just crazy. It is short and red and spiky. Perfect on her. Hideous on everybody else. And honestly these are the two thing I noticed first about her. Only after that did I notice her beautiful, friendly face and her perfectly curvy figure.
Nick on the other hand was devilishly handsome, athletic, brown, soft hair, with that sort of straight out of bed look and the most striking blue eyes. No, honestly, if you could see them, you would get lost in them, which is why I immediately stopped looking at him that first time we met and turned to my new roommate.
“Hey, I’m Emma, your new roommate.”, cliché introduction, I know, but I honestly couldn’t think of anything better at the time.
“Hey, I’m Kat. It’s so nice to meet you. Did you just arrive? Wait, how old are you? Are you straight? Cause my girlfriend will freak out if you are not. And that’s Nick by the way.” She said all that without taking a single breath in between, which sort of overwhelmed me.
“Maybe you should slow down a bit there Kat. I think you are scaring her.” Thank God Nick pitched in. It gave me some time to think about my answers to the many questions that Kat had asked.
“It’s nice to meet you too, Kat and Nick. Yes, I just arrived. I am 17 and straight, although that’s not usually how I introduce myself and no, I am not scared, thank you very much.”
That’s when they both started laughing. I panicked at first, thinking that I was too sarcastic, but then Kat suddenly stopped laughing and said: “I think I like you, Emma. You’re a feisty one. You’ll fit right in.”
And then she just started laughing again, only this time, I joined in.
After we had all calmed down, Nick, who I quickly realised was not only very good looking, but also really nice, left and Kat and I were left alone to get to know each other a bit more.
I found out that she had been with her very jealous girlfriend, who also went to Refna, for about three months. Nick and Kat were really good friends and both were in the same grade as me, only that it was their second year at the academy and that I would fit into their clique perfectly, which was honestly such a relief to me, who was used to being alone, I can’t even tell you.
Now that’s not a lot of information, I get that, but it took Kat, who really was an artist, a painter to be more precise, two full hours to give me, because she was just, well very very talkative. And she would have kept going too, but at that point it was time for dinner.


That’s all for part two. I hope you like this story, tell me if you do, or you don’t, whatever.

See you soon,