Hey guys,

I really wanted to blog today, so sorry that this is so random, but whatever. So this is just something that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately and I just felt like sharing it with you:

Whenever I am sad or angry or I just can’t cope or can’t fall asleep I think of this story that I’ve made up in my mind. It helps me to relax and it helps to push everything real out of my mind for a while. And this story has changed quite a lot over the years:

When I was little I used to think about lying on a field, just looking up at the sky, enjoying nature. And that worked for several years. I would think about it and would immediately relax a bit more. But then something happened that led me to associate this kind of nature with something dangerous and bad, so my story obviously didn’t work anymore.

And believe me when I say that I struggled with finding a new story. For months I was searching and searching through my mind, all while not being able to cope with things as well as I used to, just because I had lost my coping mechanism.

And then one day I got the idea of imagining my future. I would imagine living whatever dream I had at the time. And the lives they imagined, they wouldn’t be perfect because even back then I knew that nothing was. No, I would have my problems, but overall I would be happy and I would live my dream. I would always have friends and later on a boyfriend in my story and imagining what my life might be like once I had gotten through whatever I was going through at the time, it helped. It got me through.

And the thing is: it still does. My story is different now, maybe a bit more realistic, but it still helps. I keep developing, keep thinking of new plot twists to work in, sometimes I even add people from my real life now, but it works all the same. And I think about it almost every day. More when I’m not doing so well, less when I’m happy, but still.


I don’t know why I wanted to share this with you, but if you are searching for a coping technique, maybe just try this one out if you want to.

I guess that’s all.