Hey guys,

so I just found this poem that I wrote like two months or so ago and that I apparently never posted, so here you go:


And at the end,
at the end of it all,
when all is said,
when all is done,
we tend to our bodies,
we tend to our souls
and our wounds begin to mend.

We take up armour.
We put on protection.
We say goodbye.
And at the very start,
We part.

We part with our morals,
We part with our thoughts
We part with our innocence,
Our dreams and our goals.

All is fair in love and war,
Or at least that’s what they say.
I don’t think they know
What it means to be let go.

So we go
And we don’t return
For what returns is not the I
That once left without a turn-
The I that’s back is different.
Not cruel but cold
Not scared but bold
Since nothing matters no more.