Hey guys,

so this is day 3 of my month of writing prompts inspired posts and I’m struggling a bit today because everybody at my school (including me) is getting ready to leave for Christmas and I’m just really sad about it all especially since some of my friends are not coming back after Christmas. So don’t expect anything too good from this one, but I’ll try my best.

The Prompt: She studied her face in the mirror. (Source: dailywritingtips.com)

What I came up with:

She studied her face in the mirror. She didn’t even really recognise herself anymore. She looked so different now, after everything that had happened. Well it kind of was to be expected, she supposed. It only makes sense that going through something that dramatic would change her outside as well.
But the difference really was remarkable. Sometimes she would be walking on the street, looking around and then having to do a double-take when she saw her reflection somewhere. She was that unfamiliar to herself.
And yet she couldn’t really say what exactly it was that had changed. One might say that she looked older than before, but at the same time she looked younger, so much more vulnerable. So much more scared. All of that still wasn’t quite it though.
Maybe it was her eyes. They used to be so full of life, always a shimmer of enthusiasm for one thing or another in them. Now, after everything that she had gone through, they looked troubled, wiser, yet still young, less enthusiastic, yet still lively. Indescribably beautiful.
There it is. The greatest difference of all. It wasn’t how she actually looked on the outside, it was how she perceived herself. What had changed wasn’t her appearance. It was her self-esteem. What she saw now was so much closer to what everybody else so, so much closer to the actual truth. The person she saw when she looked in the mirror now, after, was so much closer to the beauty she was, both inside and out.
But she didn’t know that. At least not yet. Nobody had taught her that it was okay to love herself yet, so she kept doing double-takes and she kept staring at her weird reflection, that looked so unlike herself until that person, that person we all need, came along.

Okay so that’s it for today. I hope you liked it. I’m personally not quite satisfied. You might be able to tell that I struggled a bit with writing in third person, since I usually write in first person, but it was good practice I suppose.
See you tomorrow with day 4!