Hey there,
I’m leaving for England in a little less than a week and I cannot sleep because I’m so nervous. I mean of course I have done the whole living abroad thing before and theoretically I know that there’s no reason to be this nervous, but I’m still as panicked (if not more) as I was when I went to Ireland.
I’m scared that it won’t work out, that I won’t like it, won’t make it, that people won’t like me. And the reason for that is, that this whole thing, this school, this fresh start is really important to me. I wouldn’t be as nervous if I wouldn’t want this as much as I do. If this thing doesn’t work out, I won’t know what to do. This is my dream. This school sounds amazing, it will make it possible for me to go to a good university, it could make all my dreams come true.
I know that it’s going to be fine once I’m in England and have started school, but right now I can’t help worrying. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…