Hey guys,

So I can write again which is honestly soo good for me because I really missed it. 

I just kind of wanted to tell you what kind of posts you can expect in the next couple of weeks:

I will probably post a mixture of posts about my life right now and my writing mostly. Some of my posts will inform you about developments in my personal life, others will be journal entries or fictional writing. I will also post other stuff like book related posts for example if I feel like it, so as you’re probably used to by now, my posts aren’t all about one specific topic. 

If you like blogs like that, I’m really sorry, but when I started this thing I didn’t want to have a concept for a reason. This blog is supposed to be a way for me to share things and to have fun and of course to publish my writing, which is something I really enjoy and just recently got into. 

Also I’ll leave for England for my new school in like a month so I’ll try to post before that but I don’t know how it will be once I’m there. So there might or might not be posts in September but once I’m settled in, I’ll post again for sure. 

So that’s all. I’ve got a few posts written already, I have just got to type them up, which I hate but they’ll come soon. I hope.