After over 35 hours in trains, 7 countries, 5 cities I actually spent the night in and over two weeks of InterRail I’m finally back home. 

This holiday was exhausting but I saw so many new things and got to forget some of the old things back at home at least for a little while. 

I got to stay in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich. I picked my friend up in Zurich and I went through Liechtenstein. I can’t say that it was always fun or always an amazing experience, but overall I think that all the exhaustion was worth it. 

I was thinking about posting specifics about each city but I think that it’s best to go to these cities unprepared. I think it’s really important to form your own opinion about each of those cities and to make your own experiences. 

I will just say that my favourites were Amsterdam and Brussels just because of the cool vibes those two cities have. I loved the few days I spent there and I would definitely recommend spending a few days in each of those cities. 

I’m just going to leave a few pictures down here now, so you can see how beautiful the places I visited are. 


 English Garden, Munich

   Schloss Nymphenburg, Munich

 Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

   Brandenburger Gate, Berlin

 Notre Dame, Paris


If you have any questions about any of the cities I visited InterRail or my personal experience, feel free to ask. 


P.S. There’s no picture of Brussels because I can’t seem to upload one. Sorry.