Hey guys,

so this is (as you can probably tell by the title…) the wrap-up of the Book of the Month of May, which is basically where we tell you our opinions about the book. In case you haven’t read our Book of the Month Announcement, the book we read is Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon. So without further due, here are our thoughts:

C: I didn’t like the characters at all because because they are very unrealistic and one of them was really naive. The beginning was very boring, then it got a little better and the end was just bullshit. Jaime’s and Veronica’s relationship  was really annoying. I liked the world of Doon, but modern plumbing in a castle: Really!?!? Also: They don’t have technology, but they do have Sushi!?!?!? Whaaaaaat?
Rating: 4.5/10

B: I also didn’t really like the characters, I thought they were just really stupid and I couldn’t relate to them at all. Also, this whole Calling thing is just really creepy to me. And the ending: Why???????? I mean!?!?!?!? All the relationships were sooooo unrealistic and kind of insta-lovy as well. It annoyed me soooo much!!!! Ok so I know I’m just ranting now, but I really didn’t like this book and I heard from a lot of people that it’s really good and I was just really let down and that was pretty annoying. And to say one good thing about the book: The writing wasn’t so bad. (Ok well at least it’s kind of positive…)
Rating: 3/10

That’s all for this Book of the Month. It was kind of a disappointment for both of us, but hopefully the next one will be better. The announcement for the next Book of the Month will come very soon, as well as my May Wrap-up and Book Haul and of course my June TBR.