Hey guys,

sorry I haven’t posted in like forever, but I’ve been so busy with school and stuff. There will definitely be more posts in July and August.

So anyways, this is my first Book of the Month. And because it’s the first, I’m quickly going to explain what it is that I’m doing exactly:

So basically my friend and I are going to choose one book each month that we’re gonna read, discuss and review together. It’s just so you can read two different opinions and join the discussion if you want. Every Book of the Month project consists of two posts: One, the announcement, where we tell you what the book is, why we chose it and what we expect from this book. And the second one, the conclusion, where we each review the book and tell you what we discussed.

This, as you can probably tell from the title, is the announcement for this month. And the book we chose is….

“Doon” by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon


Why we chose this book:

We both like Scotland, fantasy and romance and as far as we know, this book contains all of these things. I also saw it on BookTube, where this book is really hyped up. And also: Have you seen the cover!?!? It’s gorgeous!!!


  • C (this is a friend of mine, in case you were wondering): I think the book looks very promising. It looks like an easy read to me, but it might be deeper than it seems to be. I generally enjoy reading  books like this,(fantasy with a bit of romance ) so I’m really looking forward and I’m very excited to read this one. Also, I’m going on an exchange year to Scotland next year (I’m soo nervous already!) and this book is set in Scotland, so that’s just perfect!
  • B (that’s me…that rhymes…yeah…): I’m not really sure what to expect from this book, the only thing I’ve heard is that it’s supposed to make you fall in love with Scotland, so yeah we’ll see I guess… The description in the back kind of reminds me of “Splintered”, which I liked but didn’t love. I actually don’t really expect anything from this book, so I won’t be really disappointed if it turns out to be bad, but I still hope it’s good.

Ok so that’s all for now. You’ll find out how we both liked it at the end of this month!

Till next time!!!


P.S.: you can find our Wrap-up here: Book of the Month May 2015 (Wrap-up)