Hey guys,

Ok so I started “The DUFF” by Kody Keplinger last night and I finished it this afternoon. So obviously I really liked it and I kind of want to talk about it, so I just figured that I should make a post about it here.

Plot: This book is about this 17-year-old girl Bianca, who isn’t really popular but has a few friends and also very low self-esteem. Despite that and the fact that this guy, Wesley Rush, in her school keeps calling her the Duff, which means the designated ugly fat friend, she’s pretty happy with her life. But then something happens with her family, which she can’t really deal with, so she ends up kissing Wesley. She’s desperate to blow off some steam, so she starts having an “enemies-with-benefits” relationship with Wesley, who she thinks is just this hot, stupid man-whore. And the story kind of goes on from there.

Thoughts: I thought this book was very good. The plot was very well thought out (and had me fingerling/swooning sometimes…) and also the writing was pretty good. I loved Bianca’s character and I think that she is really realistic, which I find so important with contemporary books. In the back of the book it says that the author wrote this book during her senior year of high school, which is first of all, soooo impressive (I mean seriously!?) and is, second of all, probably the reason why the teenage characters and the problems they go through seem so realistic. This book was also very funny at times and I love the message of this book (not going to say what it is  because I don’t want to spoiler anyone), especially because I think that many teenagers struggle with that kind of thing. And honestly, I do too, a lot of the time.

I also saw the trailers to the movie and I’ve got to say: I’m not sure about the movie. The trailer at least doesn’t look like the movie stays very true to the book, but I’ll still watch the movie when I can, especially because the actors in that movie are awesome.


  • Plot: 6/10
  • Setting: 10/10
  • Romance: 7/10
  • Characters: 10/10
  • Writing: 9/10

I think that if you like contemporary books, Romance and teenage drama, this book is definitely for you. It’s a very quick read and probably a good summer read as well. The plot is probably not very realistic, but it definitely keeps my hope alive that I too am going to experience this totally unrealistic kind of teenage love that they show in all the (American) movies. Fingers crossed.