Is love wise or the result of madness? I cannot decide. It is our biggest weakness and our greatest strength. It makes us feel whole and can also destroy us. Love makes us do the greatest, yet also the worst things. 

To be in love means to do everything for one another yet it means being selfish. If love wasn’t a part of this world, it would be a place without hope, without compassion, without everything that makes live worth living for. Love is everywhere. And while it might be the cause of a lot of pain, without it the world would be a place much worse than it is now. 

And yet love is an abstract thing. One might say that it is the attraction we feel towards others and possibly a simple result of our natural instinct that tells us to reproduce. But every love feels so different, makes us do such different things. Is something so complex really explained in a couple of simple words?

People say, love is the greatest feeling in the world. And I agree. But I am not only talking about romantic love. I am talking about every kind. I am talking about the way we feel about our family (and not only our biological one), our friends and even our pets. I am talking about the feeling we can’t seem to live without, that simultaneously seems to be to be what complicates our lives immensly. 

At the end, I believe, if you are loved and you love, you have a chance at happiness. And that is, after all, what we all want. To be happy.