I’m going to upload my first book review on this blog either today or tomorrow and I thought I’d just quickly explain why.
Last week or so I discovered booktube which is YouTubers talking about books and everything related to reading. And I really really like it because those people treat reading as the hobby and the passion that it is. And because I love reading and also writing I decided to start doing the same. I am not going to hide my passion for reading anymore because I think it’s nerdy or whatever. I’m going to make it my hobby and that’s why I want to share it with you. Why I want to talk about books and give you recommendations or maybe also receive some from you.
So actually me writing about books is also a part of me becoming myself again.
So I hope this kind of stuff interests you and if it doesn’t just don’t read it. Don’t worry I’m still going to post other stuff as well.
See you next time!