I was in the doctor’s waiting room, about to face one of my biggest fears. Anxious. Tears were close. I started looking around, distracting myself to avoid a public meltdown. I started to observe the people around me: parents with their children, adults reading old magazines looking bored rather than frightened, little kids playing in the corner by themselves not able to grasp yet what’s about to happen. Out of the other room I hear a baby crying and a mother desperately trying to calm her child down. Then my name is called. I stand up. By myself yet not quite alone. I greet the nurse, she opens the door. And as I set my foot in the room, the fear is gone.

I open my eyes, stand up, leave my house. I go to the doctor’s office. Sit in the waiting room. Calm. Relaxed. Bored rather than frightened.

This might not be quite the ending in real life, but it is definitely the one I hope to get one day.