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That girl

I've wanted to be the cute girl, the confident girl ,the beautiful, carefree and funny girl. But I was never that. I was never her, never any of those people. If they exist that is. And now, now I feel... Continue Reading →


Strong people

There is something so incredibly sad about seeing a strong person cry. Whether that be a real person or a character in a book, movie or play, once you have seen these people go through so much, stay so stoic... Continue Reading →

Going on a Year Abroad in High School – Pros and Cons

Check out my post on all the pros and cons about going on a high school year abroad! Definitely worth it if you are thinking about one right now. Going on a Year Abroad in High School - Pros and... Continue Reading →

Five easy ways to eat healthier

In case you want to learn a bit about how to keep on track with your healthy eating habits for 2018, go and head on over to my post (didn't post it here cause I didn't know if y'all... Continue Reading →

Mental stability

When I was home for the holidays, my dad mentioned one thing to me that really surprised me: he said that I was very mentally stable. I, of course, immediately denied that, saying that I've had my mental health problems,... Continue Reading →

Figuring it out

I used to think that I'd have everything figured out by now. That I'd know what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be. That I would be surrounded by the people I'd spend the rest of my life... Continue Reading →

Fresh starts: good and bad

You know those posts on Tumblr or Facebook or whatever that are like: I wish I could just go somewhere where nobody knows me and start anew? Well I did just that. Multiple times actually. I packed up all my... Continue Reading →

Alone again

And here I am, Alone again. Nobody around to keep me warm Or smooth my frown. Nobody around to care, Almost to silent to bare. Nobody talking To drain out my brain. No distractions, Just me, myself and I. ...the... Continue Reading →

My heart

My heart, my precious, vulnerable little heart, Sometimes I feel as if I can hear it breaking, Hear the moment when it finally cracks, When the pressure becomes too much.   My heart, my strong, beautiful little heart, It has... Continue Reading →

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