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Life: The reason I’ve been gone

Hey guys, so I've been gone for a while and I don't necessarily feel like I owe anyone an explanation but I will give one anyways. For my own as much as for your benefit. So almost two weeks ago... Continue Reading →

You Know

I think you know. I think that maybe you've known all along. Maybe you knew even before I knew. Maybe not. Maybe you just found out. It doesn't matter. All I know is that you know. That for some god-forsaken... Continue Reading →

The Fear of Imperfect

If one is faced too early in life with the sheer inevitability of death, that one dooming end that at one point we'll all have to face, that is one thing that is hard to forget. Sure we get distracted... Continue Reading →

Winter break and Exeter

So I thought I'd try something new today. It's photos like I've posted many times before, but this time, they are not edited and not really as carefully picked as they usually are. Let me know what you think of... Continue Reading →

Midnight Thoughts

I thought I'd be brave enough but in the end the fear was bigger than the want. 


"You know, when I was little, I always thought that one day I would wake up and I would know what I want to do with my life. That one day I would just find that one thing I would... Continue Reading →

Being There

Hey guys, It's no secret that I am no relationship expert, far from it actually... But there is one thing I know: It's easy to love someone when they are doing well, are happy, are healthy, are done up and... Continue Reading →

Say it

People always say that if you love someone, you should tell them before it is too late. And yes, that is true, always tell people how you feel about them, because otherwise you might regret it. But also, don't say... Continue Reading →

Beginning of a Story

We drive up to a big house, all the lights are on, making it seem gloomy and mysterious. The car stops, the engine is turned off. Can this really be it? Is this really where we are going? It is... Continue Reading →

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